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Our Ministries

Here at Temple we have many different Ministries to reach a lot of diverse kinds of people. Whether you are a child, adult, teenager, Mom, or Dad, we have something that will be a good fit for you. We encourage you to join one of our ministries.

Children's Church

The Children's Church is a wonderful opportunity for children to be able to learn and better understand the love of Jesus Christ. At Temple, The Children's Church is run by members of the church that are passionate for helping young children grow their relationship with God. Children have the opportunity to learn worship songs, share prayer requests, and spend time in class with others their age while learning about bible truths and what they mean for their own lives.

Men's Bible Study

This Group is for men who wish to dive deeper into God's word and be uplifted by each other. Come and grow closer with other Christian Men who seek to follow Christ.

womens study.jpg
Women's Bible Study

Come join women who come together to edify each other and study God's word.

Temple G.A.L.S.
The J-Walkers
Youth Group
Sunday School

Dive deeper into God's word in one of our Sunday School Classes. We have classes for all ages. Sunday School is every Sunday morning from 9:45am-10:45am.

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